Cisco C9300L-STACK-KIT Stack Kit for C9300L Series Switches with 2 x Stack Adaptors and 1 x Stack Cable

Stack kit for C9300L switches that includes 2 stack adaptors and 1 stack cable

Category : Enterprise Switching
Brand : Cisco
Model : C9300L-STACK-KIT


Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switch models are designed for stacking switches as a single virtual switch, enabling customers to have a single management plane and control plane for up to 448 access ports.

Mixed stacking between C9300X and C9300 SKUs are supported at StackWise-480 speeds.

Mixed stacking between 9300/9300X and 9300 higher/increased scale platforms is not supported. You cannot stack fixed uplink models (C9300L SKUs) with modular uplink models (C9300 SKUs) or other Catalyst switches, e.g. Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series. Any combination of C9300 models can form a stack. Separately, any combination of C9300L models can form a stack.

Catalyst 9300 higher scale SKUs (C9300-24UB, C9300-24UXB, C9300-48UB) need to be stacked with other higher scale models.

StackWise cables that are available to configure stacking with Catalyst 9300 Series modular uplink models (C9300 SKUs) come in lengths of 0.5m, 1m and 3m.

The optional StackWise-320 kit for Catalyst 9300 Series fixed uplink models (C9300L SKUs) consists of two stack adapters and a stacking cable. The default stacking cable is 0.5 m, but options of 1m and 3m are also available. Table 5 lists the stacking accessories.