Cisco CBW150AX-D Wireless Access Point

Ideal for smaller networks, the Cisco® Business 150AX Access Point brings a full slate of Cisco high-performance functionality to the business environment at an affordable price point.

Category : Cisco Wireless
Brand : Cisco
Model : CBW150AX-D


The Cisco Business 150AX Access Point delivers industry-leading wireless performance with support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, IEEE’s 802.11ax (Figure 1). It also meets the growing flexibility of wireless networks by introducing mesh technology which enables scalable expansion of the network where network cabling may not exist—all while delivering a simple user experience, deployable with the Cisco Business Mobile app or the integrated WebUI.

The 150AX access point extends coverage and capacity to Wi-Fi clients such as smartphones, tablets, and high-performance laptops that have integrated Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, while being backwards compatible with the previous 802.11ac Wave 1 or Wave 2 standards.

Features and benefits

By adhering to the 802.11ax standard, the Cisco Business 150AX Access Point delivers a data rate of up to 1.2 Gbps on its 5-GHz radio. This exceeds the data rates offered by access points that support the 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2 standards. It also enables a total aggregate dual-radio data rate of up to 1 Gbps, providing the necessary foundation to stay ahead of the performance expectations and needs of wireless users.

In recent years, small businesses have increasingly preferred wireless access as the principal form of network connectivity. Along with this shift, there is an expectation that wireless should enable a high performance experience. The Cisco Business 150AX Access Point delivers industry-leading performance for highly secure and reliable wireless connections, for an optimal end-user experience.

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of the Cisco Business 150AX Access Point.

Table 1.        Features and benefits



Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

The IEEE 802.11ax emerging standard, also known as High-Efficiency Wireless (HEW) or Wi-Fi 6, builds on 802.11ac. It delivers a better experience in typical environments with more predictable performance for advanced applications such as 4K or 8K video, high-density, high-definition collaboration apps, all-wireless offices, and IoT. Wi-Fi 6 is designed to use both the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands, unlike the 802.11ac standard.

Uplink/downlink OFDMA

OFDMA-based scheduling splits the bandwidth into smaller frequency allocations called Resource Units (RUs), which can be assigned to individual clients in both the downlink and uplink directions to reduce overhead and latency.

Downlink MU-MIMO technology

Supporting two spatial streams, MU-MIMO enables access points to split spatial streams between client devices to maximize throughput.

Simplified management

Easily deploy and manage multiple Cisco Business Wireless CBW150AX access points and CBW151AXM mesh extenders as one entity, without a physical controller or licensing, using your favorite web browser with the integrated WebUI or using your mobile device with the Cisco Business Mobile app.

Optional multisite remote management is available through the Cisco Business Dashboard, which is free to use for up to 25 devices

Mesh technology support

Easily enhance your wireless coverage and capacity without network cabling and Ethernet switches. Mix and match Cisco Business Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Extenders and/or Access Points to extend seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your business or workplace.

Bluetooth 5

Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5 radio [for future use]

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment models supporting multiple concurrent use cases required by small businesses, including point of sale systems, surveillance cameras, secure guest access, and more.

Optional Cloud-based Security

Cisco Umbrella offers a cloud-based security service to protect your business and connected wireless users, devices, and guests. The seamless integration enables content filtering, blocks malware and phishing attacks and is always up-to-date

Product specifications

Table 2 lists the specifications for the Cisco Business 150AX Access Point.

Table 2.        Specifications



Authentication and security

?  Wi-Fi Protected Access - with WPA2 or WPA3, including WPA2-Entperprise authentication
?  802.1X, RADIUS Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
?  Segmentation via VLANs (up to 16)
?  802.11r and 802.11i
?  Guest network can also authenticate against a Social Login account: Google and Facebook

Maximum clients

?  Maximum number of associated wireless clients: 200 per Wi-Fi radio, for a total of 400 clients per access point, or 1000 in a system

Maximum # of Access Points

?  50
?  Recommended up to 25

Max # of Mesh Extenders

?  Maximum number of associated Cisco Business mesh extenders: 25 per Access Point, up to 8 hops