Cisco IP Phone 6800 Key Expansion Module For VoIP Phone CP-68KEM-3PCC=

Cisco KEM for 6800 series MPP

Category : Cisco Collaboration
Brand : Cisco
Model : CP-68KEM-3PCC=


Cisco IP Phone 6800 Key Expansion Module product overview

The Cisco IP Phone 6800 Key Expansion Module (KEM) extends the capabilities of the Cisco IP Phone 6851 with additional buttons. This module adds 14 physical buttons along with access to 14 additional buttons via the page buttons, for a total of 28 buttons. The KEM supports the Programmable Line Key (PLK) function, but does not support any SIP registrations. Calls may be monitored and answered using the PLK function, but calls may not initiated from the KEM. The 6851 IP phone supports 1 KEM only.

The 6800 KEM comes with a foot stand and cable to connect it directly to the base device in a traditional side-by-side configuration 

Cisco IP Phone 6800 Key Expansion Module features and benefits

Illuminated buttons

  • Off (dark) : Button is not configured
  • Green, steady : Configured correctly and is in the idle state
  • Red, steady : In use and has an active call on it or has a parked call
  • Amber, flashing : A configuration error has occurred for this button

Illuminated page buttons

  • Off (dark) : Page not in focus
  • Green, steady : Page in focus
  • Amber, flashing : Page not in focus, with one or more alerting or on-hold calls present on page

Hardware and power-saving features

  • Graphical display : Two 3.5-in (9-cm) grayscale backlit LCD displays, 160 x 270 resolution
  • Directory number and feature buttons : The module has 14 physical buttons (28 using page keys)
  • Page buttons : Use the 2 page buttons to access each page of 14 buttons and provide phone status
  • Power Save Mode
    • The 6841, 6851, 6861 and 6871 support Power Save Mode.
    • When the Cisco IP Phone 6851 is placed in Power Save Mode, the 6800 KEM is also placed in Power Save Mode. Pressing the select button while the phone and KEM are in Power Save Mode will restart both the phone and the KEM