D-Link 1000BASE-T to 1000BASE-SX (SC) 550 m Multi-mode Media Converter DMC-G550SC

D-Link 1000BASE-T to 1000BASE-SX (SC) 550 m Multi-mode Media Converter DMC-G550SC

Category : D-link Accessories
Brand : D-Link
Model : DMC-G550SC


550m Multi mode Media converters

  • D-Link Media Converter series offers signal conversion in a compact device.
  • Send a fiber signal over a variety of distances, with a selection of models suitable for 550 m, 10 km.
  • The Standalone Media Converters adhere to industry standards and are compliant with 802.3u & 802.3x.

Seamless Media Conversion : Seamlessly integrate new fiber technology into existing network infrastructure with the D-Link DMC Series Media Converters to support a wide range of new applications and technologies and future-proof your network. Convert copper connections to fiber optic links leveraging existing cabling while avoiding costly across-the-board upgrades.

Copper to Fiber ConversionThe D-Link DMC Media Converters support a large variety of optical fiber types including multi-mode, single-mode or single-strand fiber cable. In addition, the DMC Series supports a wide range of connection distances to suit the needs of specific Ethernet to fiber applications.

Standalone or Chassis-Based : The DMC Series product lineup can be used as a standalone converter or be installed in the dedicated DMC-1000 Media Converter Chassis, capable of housing up to 16 media converters. You can start with a single media converter, equipped with its own housing and AC power supply. As network requirements grow, you can mount the DMC-1000 in your equipment rack and conveniently install all your media converters into the chassis. The housing of each media converter can be easily removed, allowing it to be installed into the chassis. The installed converter module is then powered by the chassis’ power supply. 

Remote Management : When installed in the DMC-1000 chassis equipped with the DMC-1002 Management Module, all media converters can be remotely managed from a single interface. The management module supports industry standards, including SNMP and HTTP, allowing you to monitor and manage the mounted media converters and power supplies from a third-party SNMP Network Management Station (NMS) or via a web browser.