D-Link 3m Duplex Fiber Patch Cord NCB-FS09S-LCLC-3

D-Link 3m Duplex Fiber Patch Cord NCB-FS09S-LCLC-3

Category : D-link Accessories
Brand : D-Link
Model : NCB-FS09S-LCLC-3


D-Link offers standard simplex & duplex patch cords in a variety of connectors & cables configurations. D-Link Patch cords are available with full standard optical specifications, precise length tolerances. All assemblies are 100% inspected for optical characteristics and fiber end face finish.

The optical fiber patch cords are suitable for data communication, telecommunication applications. The terminated connectors in assemblies are designed to and are compatible with industry standards (EIA/TIA, IEC, ANSI, NTT and Telcordia). D-Link can deliver customized patch cords as per requirement


  • Adopts high precision ceramic ferrule with good concentricity.
  • Good geometry characteristics of apex offset & radius of curvature & fiber height.
  • Compact & strong crimping offers exceptional tensile strength in cable assemblies.
  • 100% inspected for optical characteristics & fiber end face finish.
  • Low insertion loss & return loss, clean and scratch-free end faces.
  • Good performance endurance under circumstances changing.


  • Connector Type : SC/ST/FC/LC/MTRJ
  • Optical Fiber :
    • Corning single-mode : G652D, G657A, G657B
    • Corning multi-mode : OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
  • Cable Type :
    • PVC(standard) & LSZH (Low Smoking Zero Halogen) on request
    • 0.9mm/2.0mm/3.0mm Simplex & Duplex
  • Cable Color, Length : Yellow for single mode, orange for multi-mode & aqua for OM3 1m, 2m and 3m. Other lengths on request.
  • Optical  Specification : 
    • Insertion Loss :
      • Typical: ?0.2dB, Max. 0.3dB (MTRJ: Max. 0.5dB)
      • Typical: ?0.2dB, Max. 0.3dB (MTRJ: Max. 0.5dB)
    • Return Loss :
      • PC?45dB, UPC?50 dB, APC?60dB
      • ?30dB

    • Mechanical Specification : 
      • Ferrule : Ceramic, (MTRJ: PS-Polyphenylene Sulphide)
      • Apex Offset : < 50um
      • Fiber Height :  ±100nm
      • Radius of Curvature : 7mm R < 25mm(Excluding MTRJ)
      • Repeatability : ?0.2dB 1,000 times mating cycles
    • Working Temperature : -40ºC ~ +85ºC
    • Storage Temperature : -40ºC ~ +85ºC