Lenovo B6505 Fibre Channel Switch

Category : Lenovo Storage
Brand : Lenovo
Model : B6505 Fibre Channel Switch


The Lenovo B6505 and B6510 leverage storage connectivity technologies from Brocade, the market share leader in Fibre Channel networking that is deployed in 90% of the Fortune 1000 data centers.

The Lenovo B6505 and B6510 offer dual functionality as either a full-fabric SAN switch or as an N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)-enabled Access Gateway that simplifies server connectivity.

Fabric Vision technology, an extension of Gen 5 Fibre Channel, provides unprecedented insight and visibility across the SAN with powerful built-in monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools.

With Lenovo FC SAN Switch offerings, Lenovo can be your trusted partner that offers "one stop shop" and single point of contact for delivery of leading edge technologies and innovations from Lenovo and other leading IT vendors. These offerings can satisfy the wide range of your end-to-end IT infrastructure needs, including end-user devices, servers, storage, networking, services, management software, and financing.


The Lenovo B6505 and B6510 FC SAN switches offer the following features and benefits:

  • Provide exceptional price/performance value, combining flexibility, simplicity, and enterprise-class functionality in a 24-port (B6505) or 48-port (B6510) switch
  • Deliver up to 24 ports (B6505) or 48 ports (B6510) of 16 Gbit/sec performance in an energy-efficient, optimized 1U form factor to support the most demanding server and cloud deployments.
  • Consume less than 3.3 watts (B6505) or 2.3 watts (B6510) of power per 16 Gbps port for exceptional power and cooling efficiency.
  • Simplify configuration and management with easy-to-use EZSwitch Setup.
  • Enable “pay-as-you-grow” scalability from single-switch fabric to full-fabric enterprise capabilities with Ports On Demand scalability from 12 or 24 to 24 or 48 ports in 12-port increments.
  • Optimize fabric behavior and ensure sufficient bandwidth for mission-critical applications with advanced traffic management capabilities and adaptive networking.
  • Offer dual functionality as either a full-fabric SAN switch or as an NPIV-enabled Access Gateway (requires 24 ports [B6505] or 48 ports [B6510] be licensed) that enhances fabric scalability and simplifies management.
  • Protect existing device investments with auto-sensing 2 (8 Gb SFP+ modules only), 4, 8, and 16 Gbit/sec capabilities and native operation with Brocade and Brocade M-Series fabrics.
  • Run Fabric OS, which delivers distributed intelligence throughout the network and enables a wide range of value-added features.
  • Leverage Fabric Vision technology’s powerful monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools to simplify administration, increase uptime, and reduce costs.
  • Supply a rich set of standard features at no extra cost, including fabric services, advanced zoning, adaptive networking, full fabric and access gateway operations, and diagnostic tools.
  • Expand fabric capabilities with optional licensed functions, including trunking, advanced monitoring and alerting, long-distance fabrics, FC-FC routing (B6510 only), and integrated 10 Gb FC (B6510 only).
  • Compress and encrypt in-flight data on up to two ports for more efficient link utilization and higher security (B6510 only).
  • Virtualize physical FC SAN switches and fabrics into logical entities for better flexibility, utilization, management, and efficiency (B6510 only).
  • Allow organizations to seamlessly integrate Gen 5 Fibre Channel networks with the next generation of flash storage – NVMe over Fibre Channel – by being NVMe-ready, without a disruptive rip and replace, to achieve faster application response times and harness the performance of solid state drives for better scalability across virtual data centers with flash storage.
  • Maximize resiliency with non-disruptive firmware upgrades and redundant hot-swap power supplies.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting with built-in advanced diagnostics tools featuring ClearLink Diagnostics with D_Ports on 16 Gb FC optics and select adapters from QLogic and Emulex.