Seagate Nytro 5910 Nvme SSD Hard Disk

Seagate Nytro 5910 Nvme SSD Hard Disk

Category : Seagate Hardisk
Brand : Seagate
Model : XP7680LE80002


Optimising TCO for High-Performance Workloads

The continual growth of big data is increasing the demands on modern data centres for robust storage solutions, better application performance and optimised TCO. The Nytro 5910 NVMe add-in card delivers industry-leading performance per pound. The Nytro 5910 combines multiple M.2 SSD controllers into a single PCIe card without any additional cost, power or latency required from a PCIe bridge chip or switch. It enables servers to communicate directly with the four individual controllers through one motherboard PCIe socket for flexible utilisation and scalability. 

The Nytro 5910 OCP-compliant add-in card leverages the existing and widely used ×16 PCIe slots in servers while delivering maximum capacity and performance per PCIe slot for highperformance enterprise and hyperscale applications. 

Ultra-Fast With 8 GB/s Throughput 

The Nytro 5910 meets the most demanding application requirements with ultra-high performance of 8 GB/s through a single PCIe slot. By delivering high bandwidth and low latency, it improves QoS and significantly boosts application responsiveness. 

The Nytro 5910 features a PCIe Gen3 ×16 interface with the NVMe protocol, delivering improved latency, consistent response time, high throughput and IOPS performance, all while requiring less CPU utilisation. 

Enterprise-Ready Configuration 

By leveraging Seagate’s existing enterprise expertise and manufacturing excellence, the Nytro 5910 delivers the highest levels of data integrity and endurance for critical business applications. 

The Nytro 5910 supports end-to-end data protection, LDPC error correction and Seagate RAISE technology for solid reliability and endurance. With power-loss data protection, the Nytro 5910 maintains data integrity to help prevent loss of data in the event of unexpected power interruptions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • PCIe Gen3 ×16 interface offers four
  • individual PCIe Gen3 ×4 volumes using
  • host-supported bifurcation
  • NVMe 1.2a protocol for improved
  • latency, consistent response time and
  • high throughput
  • 8 TB of total raw capacity in a single
  • PCIe add-in card
  • Supports standard NVMe drivers for
  • easy deployment
  • UEFI bootable solution

Best-Fit Applications

  • High-performance computing
  • Big Data analytics
  • Databases

Specifications 7.6 TB

  • Standard Model : XP7680LE80002


  • Interface : PCIe Gen3 ×16, NVMe 1.2a
  • NAND Flash Type : 3D cMLC
  • Form Factor : Full-Height, Half-Length


  • Sequential Read (MB/s) Sustained, 128 KB : 8,150
  • Sequential Write (MB/s) Sustained, 128 KB : 4800
  • Random Read (IOPS) Sustained, 4 KB QD64 : 975,000
  • Random Write (IOPS) Sustained, 4 KB QD64 : 132,000
  • Random 70/30 R/W (IOPS) Sustained,4KB QD64 : 369,000


  • Lifetime Endurance (Drive Writes per Day) : 0.3
  • Non-recoverable Read Errors per Bits Read : 1 per 10E16
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF, hours) : 2,000,000
  • Limited Warranty (years) : 5

Power Management

  • +12V Max Power (W) : 37.5
  • Average Read/Write Power (W) : 36


  • Temperature, Operating (°C) / Airflow : 0 to 35 @ 300 LFM


  • Height (in/mm, max) : 4.3 in/111 mm
  • Length (in/mm, max) : 6.6 in/168 mm
  • Weight (g) : 280
  • Carton Unit Quantity : 20